How much does a California business attorney cost?

At Odgers Law Group we pride ourselves on our transparent fee schedule. Below is our price list for business law services in 2021

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California LLC's and partnerships

California Corporations

Employees and Contractors

Business purchase and sales

Contract review


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Terms and conditions

Each of the services above includes the initial draft or review of the document and two sets of revisions. After two sets of revisions, we reserve the right to request additional fees based on the level of additional work that is required. We will discuss and get client approval for any additional fees with the client prior to beginning additional work. It is extremely rare that we feel charge any additional fees, however there are rare circumstances where outside factors require additional attention.

All services are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in our  Attorney-Client Agreement. 

Our goal is to provide the most value to our clients as possible. With that said, if you have a request that falls outside of what is listed above, please reach out and we can work out a billing arrangement that makes sense.