The LeanLawyer by Odgers Law Group is an outsourced business law services membership program designed to provide all of the legal support your small business or start-up needs without the headache of traditional legal models.

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Legal support for your business shouldn’t be a hassle.

LeanLawyer is a tailored suite of legal services designed specifically for the needs of California businesses, whether they need ongoing legal support or advice on a single issue.

Reduce Risks

Avoid costly DIY legal mistakes by always having an expert business lawyer at your fingertips.

Gain Peace of Mind

Never get blindsided by a bill again with our transparent and predictable monthly fee structure.

Cut Costs

We use cutting-edge technology to be more efficient, allowing us to pass that savings on to you.

No Fluff or Frills

Only pay for the legal services you actually need for your business and avoid the extra fluff.

"Matt Odgers runs his practice with a combination of professionalism, ethics, and comfort. By comfort I mean he makes everything tangible and accessible to business owners.I reccomend the LeanLawyer to any and all business owners. Top Notch! "
Kirk Hinkleman
Kirk Hinkleman
Associate Director


Every business is unique, as are it’s legal needs. That’s why LeanLawyer offers 3 individual membership plans designed to offer you the perfect level of business law services and support that you need, without all the stuff you don’t.

No more worrying about whether you’ve gone over your lawyer’s billable hours or if you need to hire a new lawyer for the next pressing legal issue on your desk. Simply choose the LeanLawyer package that fits your needs and enjoy legal peace of mind.

Secure Client Portal

Enjoy convenient 24/7 access to a bank-grade secure client portal for your important legal documents with our firm.

Unlimited Consulting

Need a last-minute consult? You’ll have unlimited access to your attorney’s schedule for unlimited phone consults.

Registered Agent

Acting as your Registered Agent, your SMB lawyer will handle all basic corporate legal filings and reviews to ensure compliance.

Convenient User Accounts

Eliminate downtime by easily designating partners or key employees to act as a user of your LeanLawyer membership.





Perfect for small businesses with small, sporadic legal needs throughout the year.



Ideal for businesses that have a consistent need for legal advice and contracts.



Great for businesses that have a moderate need for legal assistance.


Your business is your passion, and keeping it safe and legally protected is ours.

At LeanLawyer, we guarantee that your legal needs are our first priority and you’re always treated like a friend, not a number. Each of our business law services membership packages is specially designed to make sure you get what you need, without all the junk you don’t:

Dedicated Attorney

Always work with the same expert attorney who has gotten to know your business inside and out. No more boring reintroductions or formal handshaking.

Simple Contracts

LeanLawyer memberships are contracted annually and written in plain English. There are no hidden fees and we will not change our rates during your membership.

Avoid Hourly Billing

With our flat-fee memberships, you’ll never be charged for emails, phone calls, or hourly time that you didn’t expect so you can ask for legal advice with confidence.


At LeanLawyer, we combine technology, experience, and client relationships to develop and offer the most comprehensive business law services membership program for your business’s legal needs.

Over the years, we’ve been able to predict common legal needs and use current technology to streamline the efficiency and accuracy of our documents, allowing us to base our rates on the actual time it takes to prepare a document for you.

Plus, we have found that long-term client relationships lend themselves to much more efficient service because you aren’t paying for the time it takes a new lawyer to research your business, understand your risk tolerance, draft a new attorney-client agreement, open a new file, track their time and submit invoices for billing.

We offer a 60-day opt-out provision in our annual contract if you feel the LeanLawyer is not a good fit for your business.

Put simply, you can run any business-related legal issues by your attorney as they arise.

Once your attorney is aware of your needs, it may either be something they can handle directly via our flat-rate services or they can offer a referral to a vetted outside attorney to assist you. We have developed a wide network of California attorneys in several related practice areas that are able to offer discounted services to LeanLawyer clients

We are not able to offer more complex legal assistance like litigation, tax advice, or financial advice within the LeanLawyer membership program.

To get started with your LeanLawyer membership, simply fill out the form below and let us know what legal issues your business may be facing. Then, we’ll schedule a call with you to go over any questions you may have and make sure that you end up with the perfect plan for your needs.

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