What Can Outsourced Legal Counsel Do for a Small Business Owner?

Outsourced Legal CounselOutsourced Legal Counsel

If you run your own small business, you already realize the importance of legal advice in handling your daily operations. Of course, not all your activities will require this sort of assistance. Any business owner with half a brain can fill out business forms, apply for permits or hire employees without help.

What happens, though, when your company finds itself face-to-face with issues whose complexity and line-straddling nature could leave you open to lawsuits somewhere down the road? That is when you’ll realize the unimpeachable truth: You’re going to need the help of a business attorney.

Business matters crying out for legal advice include those in which:

  • Your business comes under government investigation.
  • You wish to sell your company or hope to acquire another.
  • You find that you may be running afoul of environmental laws.
  • You intend to allocate funds or otherwise contribute to your company.
  • An employee accuses you of discriminatory behavior.
  • A customer or client brings a personal injury suit.

These are just a sampling of situations that mandate the help of a business attorney. However, few small companies find themselves able to retain their own in-house counsel on a full-time basis. If you find yourself in this type of position, what is your best course of action?

When Your Small Business Faces a Legal Challenge

Regardless of how carefully you run your company, the occasional legal issue is bound to arise.  Some things you can resolve on your own with a little help from the internet, but when legalities threaten to enter the picture, handling them yourself would be the worst thing you could do. You are, after all, a business owner, not an attorney.

Fortunately, there is a better way. At times like these, small-business people in the know turn to a far safer and more cost-effective approach: They outsource their general counsel.

The benefits of doing this are almost too many to count. By outsourcing your legal needs, you avail yourself of a strategic partner who strives to provide the same level of service as you’d get from a dedicated, on-board business attorney. Although he works on a part-time basis, your outsourced legal counsel will involve himself with your business to the point at which he thoroughly understands your specific situation. He will then contribute the expert help you need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As it handles each new task, your outsourced attorney will deepen his or her familiarity with your business, identifying and proactively handling potentially onerous matters before they grow even worse.

The Growth of Outsourced Legal Counsel

Across the small-business landscape, the popularity of outsourcing legal counsel continues to grow. Business owners have increasingly come to see it as the most cost-effective means they have of serving clients, solving difficult issues and enhancing their company’s return on investment. However, it is vital to find the right provider. When seeking the best in outsourced legal counsel, you want to find a firm whose attorneys are willing and able to:

  • Build a close relationship with you.
  • Understand your company’s risk profile.
  • Provide specialized advice across a wide range of legal areas.
  • Attend relevant board meetings either remotely or in person.
  • Draft contracts.
  • Handle your everyday legal issues.
  • Be willing to work as thoughtfully with lower-level personnel as they are with senior management.

Few business owners today care to keep a full-time attorney on board, and fewer still have the resources to support one. However, if you choose to take advantage of the outsourcing alternative, you’ll need to find a firm whose lawyers are willing to work with you closely, treating your needs with the same care and respect that you’d otherwise obtain from an in-house counterpart.

This is the type of treatment you can expect to receive from Odgers Law Group. If you’re in business for yourself and have considered outsourcing your legal needs, the attorneys at Odgers Law will help resolve your problems when and if they arise. We will also give you proactive advice as needed to prevent more serious issues from arising in the first place.

Don’t let mishandled legal matters ruin the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Call Odgers Law Group today at 858-869-1114!


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