What Can Outsourced Counsel Do for a Small Business Owner?

Outsourced Business AttorneyAcross San Diego, business owners like yourself are coming to realize the inherent value of outsourcing their legal affairs. The assistance of a skilled business attorney can be of invaluable help in ensuring that their businesses steer clear of trouble while continuing to run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, while many might wish for the luxury of an internal legal department, not every entrepreneur has the space or resources necessary to maintain one. These people may soon see the benefit of handing over their legal and business issues to an outside expert on an outsourced basis.

You may have considered doing the same. For those who are still sitting on the fence, here are some practical reasons for outsourcing your legal affairs.

Can Provide the Legal Knowledge You Lack

Although more than half of San Diego business owners admit to being short on legal proficiency, nearly 75 percent of them struggle along without ever asking for outside help. This can be a big mistake. Errors in this regard can lead to penalties, cause a loss of investment capital and burden you with higher taxes. If this sounds like the way you’ve been running your San Diego business, the thought of outsourcing your legal needs could start to seem a good deal more attractive.

Can Lighten an Overwhelming Legal Workload

Running an enterprise is nothing if not time-consuming. If you are like most business owners, you can easily feel swamped by a workload that eats up far too much of your time. The legal aspects of negotiation and deal-making are famous for stealing precious minutes from your day while diverting your focus from your business’s higher-end needs. The legal ramifications could be even worse. Trying to deal with such matters yourself deprives you of the proficiency and wisdom that expert outsourced attorneys could so easily provide.

Makes Good Financial Sense

There is no question about it: Maintaining an in-house legal department will cost you in many ways. In addition to providing office space, you must also pay additional salaries while remaining responsible for health insurance, payroll taxes, vacation days, sick leaves and other related costs.

The small-business owner who outsources his legal requirements will find himself at an immediate advantage. In addition to side-stepping unwanted expenses, he will benefit from the fact that outsourced attorneys bill only for the time spent working and nothing more. This lack of extraneous overhead can equate to considerable savings for you.

Gains You Dedicated Capability

Even the business with a legal staff on its payroll must eventually face the fact that not all of these paid employees will be able to deal with every possible eventuality. When you need special help, you want to get it from someone who knows how to handle cases of that nature. Bringing in outside professionals on an as-needed basis lets you get the job done right while saving you time, money and possible headaches in the end.

Does the Trick in a Hurry

A San Diego business owner who decides to outsource his legal needs may be surprised by the quick turnaround that normally results. A careful, upfront communication of deadlines and time constraints allows him to select the attorney who not only is best suited to the task but also has the time and the resources required to get an immediate start on the case. This beats waiting around for an in-house attorney to fit the job into his schedule or, worse, trying to work it out on your own.

Can Set You Free

Many successful small business owners soon realize that their talents lie more in growing the company and generating revenue than they do in handling complex legal affairs. Outsourcing your company’s needs in this regard frees you to focus on the bigger picture. Even if your enterprise does maintain an on-board legal staff, its members can often fall behind in completing their regular duties. Outsourcing their overflow work allows them to concentrate on the task at hand while relieving their minds of those burdensome backlog worries.

Outsourcing with Odgers Law

If you own a San Diego business and would like to outsource your legal requirements, why not take a look at Odgers Law Group? Our flexible attorneys will lend our innovative expertise to all legal matters related to your enterprise. Don’t sit and wait for mistakes to happen. Call us today at 858-869-1114 and let the experts at Odgers Law Group protect you on an outsourced basis while you keep doing what you do best: making your good business even better.


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